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We handle any type of legal document, birth , marriage, divorce or academic certificates, power of attorney or contracts. On customers request we provide for notarised translations.
We provide for interpreter service throughout Lithuania and other countries.
Quality interpreter is available at conferences, seminars, business meetings, negotiations, at state institutions, court hearings and prison visits.
We ensure a client is fully taken care from the time they land at an airport, during the business meeting and at any social engagements.
- Translations
Translation cost is calculated for 1 translation page (1p. = 1600 characters, no spaces).
Costs vary and depend upon factors such as the amount of the text, the terms of delivery, the nature of the text. Price on asking after the text review.
For the notarised translations other calculation methods are applied.
- Interpreting
Costs vary and depend upon factors such as language combination, the length of the assignment, the nature of the subject matter, the location and the number of people involved.
We try to accommodate all our client's needs and therefore offer the choice of an hourly, half-day or full-day rate.
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